Our company offers safe to consume medically approved CALCIUM & VITAMIN D supplements that are available in compact tablet and powdered forms. These health supplements are specially formulated for the peoples with hectic schedule and patients that are deficient with essential nutrients to improve health conditions. The offered medicines are free from toxic ingredients that make them suitable for all age groups. CALCIUM & VITAMIN D also helps to fight unwanted elements within the body to prevent diseases. Buyers can get these oral medications from us in large quantities as per your demands at a reasonable price range. 
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In growing children the need for calcium, magnesium and phosphorous is high because it is at this stage that the formation of skeletal framework & enamel on teeth is carried out. Besides, cofactors like Zinc, magnesium and vitamin D3 and helps in proper utilization of calcium & magnesium.

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For maintaining healthy bones and teeth To maintain levels of the vitamin D3 in your body To treat and prevent calcium deficiency To treat certain bone conditions such as osteoporosis In patients undergoing kidney dialysis to remove excess phosphate from the blood.


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